The Forge

The Forge 2017

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What is the Forge?

The Forge is a weekend retreat that focuses on nurturing young people in the areas of authentic spirituality, sexuality and relationships. This is achieved through informative spiritual guidance, workshops and meaningful worships.

Through interaction, discussions and learning together, we want to help young people make wise choices based on a Biblical view of relationships and sexuality.

The Forge is very important in today’s context especially where culture says anything goes and ‘what you feel must be right. Come and be together as we explore these important topics.

Why is it called ‘The Forge’ ?

A Forge is a blacksmith’s workshop, where he will take a metal object and by heating it in a fire and hammering it, will create a masterpiece that is strong, that has a purpose and will bring honour to him by doing what it is made for. Christ is our blacksmith, and at the Forge weekend you will be challenged with the word of God which will help strengthen and refine you, give you a purpose and ultimately bring honour to our God.

Guest Speakers

Cheonneth Strickland

Cheonneth Strickland

About Cheonneth

One of the things I love to do is minister for God and with young people. Every since I was 15, I have been involved in leadership in the local church with youth and young adults. This is a passion of mine and helps keep me young! I love to see young people develop their leadership skills, grow spiritually and become disciples who make disciples. I have been fortunate to be able to do what I love in the Greater Sydney Conference for the last 18 years, 12 of those years as Director of Youth Ministry. My current role is Director of Children, Youth and Family.

When not running summer camps, sitting in meetings or preparing a sermon, I love to hang out with my wife and kids, play or coach Basketball, watch sport or make something with timber.

Rachel Aitken

Rachel Aitken

About Rachel

I’m a curious traveler who has lived and studied on five continents; meeting and marrying my husband brought me to Australia.

Walking through life with God has been an adventure that’s never boring and always ful l of discovery.  I am passionate about my relationship with God with all of its highs, lows and moments in between, and I want other people to experience the difference that relationship has made in my life.

Currently, I work for the Greater Sydney Conference as a Communications Executive focusing on Digital Discipleship, where we aim to create a discipleship movement in the digital space.  I love living out the principles of digital discipleship myself on my Fish Food Blog

When I’m not up to my eyeballs in projects, which is almost never, I love to read, travel, learn languages, run, workout, laugh with friends and eat!

My husband and I are the proud parents of a beautiful little boy named Jax who will turn 1 in July.