SNSW Adventurers

What is Adventurers?

Adventurer Worship Day is a highlight for young adventurers and their parents. Held in June each year the day is full of singing, stories and activities. If you would like to come along please find information about the next Adventurer Worship Day below.

Adventurers is a program for 6-9 year olds run by the Adventist Church. It is designed to teach Christian values and provide a supportive environment for kids as they grow up in a complex world. In some locations, churches may also run an extension program which caters from age three.

Any child willing to follow the guidelines for being an adventurer is welcome to join. Children learn skills for life including fitness, environmental awareness and appreciation, health, safety, respect for others as well as age-appropriate Bible activities. They also periodically participate in regional events with other clubs.

Adventurer Worship Day

Useful Links

Here links to resources that you can use at your local adventurer club:

Adventurer Worship Day

Adventurer Worship Day


Want to find out more information about the Adventurers in SNSW? Contact Rick Hergenhan on (02) 6249 6822