Mission to the Country

Seeking Applications

Mission to the Country

To apply, simply send your name and CV or cover page (a page about your life/faith journey) to:

Calvin Drinkall – snswgsecretary@adventist.org.au

There are numerous country towns in South New South Wales with little to no Adventist presence where the Good News of Jesus and His soon return has yet to reach. As a tentmaker missionary you will have an exciting opportunity to pioneer the Advent message by integrating into the life of local communities as missionaries do all over the world in unentered fields.

The SNSW Conference will provide ongoing training, resourcing and support on the journey and you will have the opportunity to mingle with and learn from other ministry leaders in the field. Grants may also be available to provide one-off support for this transition into the missionary lifestyle and can be explored according to the individual circumstances of applicants.

What do you need to embark on this journey?

* A heart for Jesus and people

* A spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship

* A willingness to grow, learn and be part of a team of ministry leaders and pioneers

* Be a committed, active, practicing Seventh-day Adventist member

* Ability to support yourself/family financially