Responsible to: Boys’ & Girls’ Directors.

The responsibilities of the Counsellors are to:

1. Care for a group of 6 to 8 campers 24 hours per day for the entire camp. At all times know the location of each camper and never leave them unattended.

2. Be responsible for the health, safety, and personal belongings of campers assigned.

3. Welcome campers upon arrival. Help the camper to select a bunk and introduce them to the other campers.

4. Supervise assigned campers in activities all day.

5. Supervise assigned campers in the dining hall.

6. Assist campers in the morning with getting up and being ready on time.

7. Be in the cabin at all times that campers are there and enforce cabin discipline.

8. Be prompt with your campers at all camp activities. Sit in the middle of your group and supervise assigned campers at all activities.

9. Help campers select free time activities.

10. Assist instructors during class time.

11. Develop a system of cabin cleanup involving all campers.

12. Do all that you can to help campers have a good time.

13. Watch constantly for opportunities to help campers grow spiritually and socially. Make opportunities to speak personally with each camper.

14. Become familiar with and obey all Camp rules and regulations. Questions or disagreements should only be discussed privately with the Boys’ or Girls’ Director.

15. Report symptoms of ill health to the Nurse as soon as they are noticed.

16. Counsel with the Boys’ or Girls’ Director regarding campers needs and refer to them for special needs.

17. Lead daily cabin devotions both morning and evening.

18. Never use physical punishment, it might involve you or the camp in legal difficulties.

19. Supervise final cabin cleanup and check lost and found with campers.


Additional Note: The counsellor who has remained close to their unit all during camp, doing their best to be a real friend, will nd themselves endeared to the group. Before the last day of camp, it would be nice to get the addresses and ages of all the members in your unit and occasionally write them a note. If they have joined the baptismal class, a counsellor can encourage them by letter to carry out their conviction. A card at Christmas is also appreciated. Being in the hero worship stage, boys and girls appreciate any attention paid them by an adult whom they like and respect. The effort and time consumed on the part of the counsellor will be rewarded and only eternity will reveal the results.