Camp Speaker

Responsible to: Camp Director.

The responsibilities of the Camp Speaker are to:

1. Prepare and present worships for Camp Council as well as a message for each evening meeting.

2. Communicate with the Program Director regarding any special needs for Camp Council.

3.The Camp Pastor should make it a point to become well acquainted with as many campers as time will permit, in order to ascertain the needs and problems of campers. The Pastor can thus encourage the individual camper in spiritual lines by being available for counselling at all times. This can be done by closely associating with the campers in all activities.

4. Be available for counselling camp staff.

5. Be available to assist with worships or devotions or stories in individual cabins as requested by counsellors.

6. The Camp Pastor will facilitate decision making of young people for Christ through appeals and calls as are appropriate. This may include a call for recommitment, Bible Study, baptism and/or taking my chances on my own.

7. Compose a commitment card to be used during the appeal/call component of the program. This should be done before the camps and given to the Youth Ministries Admin Assistant in preparation for the camp.

8. Compose a letter to be sent to the home church Pastor notifying them of these decisions.

9. Make a note of any speci c decisions or conversions that should be brought to the attention of a fellow Pastor, and leave these with the secretary before leaving.

10. Pray with campers.

11. Serve as member of Camp Administrative Council.

12. The spiritual tone of the camp is set by the Camp Pastor. He/she now has the opportunity to in uence, for eternity, the lives of many children. Much prayer and study is essential.