Camp Director

Responsible to: Director of Youth Ministry
SNSW Conference Executive Committee.

The responsibilities of the Camp Director are to:
1. Assume nal responsibility to the Director of Youth Ministry for overall administration of camp operations.
2. Assume nal responsibility to the Director of Youth Ministry for overall administration of camp nances.
3. Implement all camp staff job descriptions. Supervise all camp staff in harmony with these job descriptions.
4. Make decisions in consultation with Director of Youth Ministry on all questions concerning camp policy, camper and/or staff selections, camper and/or staff supervision and/or discipline, camp programming and services, facility improvements, maintenance tasks, purchasing and any other matter relating to camp operation. Seek counsel as needed in the making of decisions.
5. Serve as chairman of the Camp Administrative Council.
6. Plan and co ordinate all staff worships. Take primary lead in presentation of staff worships.
7. Serve as a counsellor in all camp staff matters as needed.
8. Rotate as needed through all camp activities in order to be aware
of the general “pulse” of camp atmosphere and the degree of implementation of all camp policies and principles. Serve as a primary catalyst for camp atmosphere and spirit.
9. Participate frequently in evening programs and other general meeting functions in order to maintain leadership identity with campers.
10. Effect a personal ministry with camp staff as opportunities permit.
11. Lead camp staff in continual elevations of personal performance, overall camp administration, and camp programming in order to affect a continuing “forward thrust” of camp services and facility development.
12. Administer a continuing program of public relations with the Conference Administration and workers speci cally, the Union constituency at large, Jindabyne local community.
13. Develop and administer camper follow up procedures.