Boys’ and Girls’ Directors

Responsible to: Camp Director.

The responsibilities of the Boys’ and Girls’ Directors:

A. Regarding the counsellors and their units, directors are to:

1. Introduce counsellors to their campers.

2. Be available to counsellors for guidance. While you can arrange to counsel with campers be aware that the counsellor is the direct carer for the camper – work through the counsellor as much as possible.

3. Participate with campers and counsellors in camp activities as much as possible

4. Structure opportunities for ministry to units on a personal basis through the day; i.e. morning worship, meal times, rest periods and evening worships etc.

5. Guide all counsellors in relation to camp policies, principles and worship attendance. Deal with problems on an individual basis. Inform Camp Director of major concerns.

B. Regarding general running of Camp Program, directors are to:

1. Serve as member of Camp Administrative Council.

2. Attend all Camp Councils.

3. Assist with camp programming as requested by Camp Program Director.

4. Supervise dining room. Act as host and hostess; units should sit at same table.

5. Supervise cabin inspection procedures.