Big Camp 2018

Jorge Munoz

Jorge Munoz
Jorge Munoz

Jorge was born in South America and has made Australia his home for the past 30 years. He studied Engineering in his native country of Chile, before coming to Australia and pursuing his real passion – Theology.  He completed his Theological training at Avondale.  Jorge has served the church as a pastor and administrator for more than 25 years, with his last role as President of the South Queensland Conference.

A great number of years Jorge pastored several vibrant churches in the South Queensland Conference. He is passionate about seeing people being involved in ministry, particularly digging into the Word and sharing it with other people. 

He is married to Liliana, a medical research scientist, and they have two adult children. When he’s not in the office, Pr. Munoz enjoys spending time with his family, reading, the outdoors, and gardening.


SALT Pt 1/9 (Fri Jan 5)

SALT Pt 2/9 (Sat Jan 6)

SALT Pt 3/9 (Sun Jan 7)

SALT Pt 4/9 (Mon Jan 8)

SALT Pt 5/9 (Tue Jan 9)

SALT Pt 6/9 (Wed Jan 10)

SALT Pt 7/9 (Thu Jan 11)

SALT Pt 8/9 (Fri Jan 12)

SALT Pt 9/9 (Sat Jan 13)